Free Invisalign & Implant Consultations Available

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Free Invisalign & Implant Consultations Available

With NHS dentists facing a nationwide funding crisis and seemingly no where accepting NHS patients, many Tunbridge Wells families are wondering “how to afford private dental treatment”; we wanted to share the ways you can avoid costly treatments and give you some practical advice on making private dental treatment affordable.


If you attend your dental check-ups as routinely as you are advised you will reduce your need for costly dental treatments. Regular visits mean that we are able to keep a close eye on any developing decay and gum disease which are the main causes of painful dental emergencies.


Keeping your teeth spotlessly clean will all but eliminate many risk factors that cause dental decay. Visiting the dental hygienist will remove the built-up calculus that you’ve missed at home,  to keep gum inflammation to a minimum and will prevent any gum disease from worsening. It also gives us an additional opportunity to monitor the health of your teeth and catch anything that could lead to painful costly dental treatment before it does.


Staying hydrated is a great, cost-free way of increasing your bodies defence against enamel-destroying bacteria! Saliva neutralises acids in your mouth that break down tooth enamel by washing away acidic residue from eating. Acid damages enamel and saliva repairs the tooth’s protective surface in a process called ‘remineralisation’. Remineralising your enamel well will protect you from developing dental decay and therefore reduce the need for more expensive dental treatments.


As well as staying hydrated, reducing the number of times your teeth are ‘attacked’ by the sugary acids in foods will significantly reduce your risk of decay. Equally, limiting the total number of sugary foods in your diet will prevent painful, expensive dental decay.


Understand and education in what causes dental decay in the first place is a free way to prevent a lifetime of expensive dental treatments. Teaching your kids the importance of routine appointments and great oral health regimes will, in turn, reduce their need for costly dental treatments.


Finance shouldn’t stand in the way of an outstanding healthy smile. If you do end up needing an emergency dental appointment or a costly treatment we want you to be able to afford great quality dental care without breaking the bank. We’re happy to break your treatment plan down into affordable appointments which can be spaced out as you need them. We’ll prioritise your dental health and discuss each and every option for all budgets with you and we won’t pressure you to make a decision on the day. No one wants to max out a credit card and have to worry about it later.


With a fixed monthly payment Denplan covers you for regular check-ups, x-rays, and treatment and care for gum and periodontal conditions. Worldwide insurance and emergency treatment are also covered. The only additional cost is for any laboratory work for crowns, bridges or dentures and referrals outside the practice.


We’ve scoured the credit lenders to find you the most sensible, affordable and sensible finance companies. We have a number of options from low and 0% APRs with little to no deposits. If you need to finance your treatment – that’s not a problem. We’ll send you an application via email for you to apply at home – no obligation and no pressure.


You can use your dental account to accrue credit. If you’re aware of a need for costly treatment and need to be strict with yourself you can prepay ahead of time. We’ll happily credit your account with monthly payments for you to use on your dental treatments.

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