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Free Invisalign & Implant Consultations Available

Dental pain is something, that until you’ve experienced it, you can’t explain. But, what causes it? And, how can you avoid it? Typically, dental pain is caused by decay that has been left to march through your enamel, onto your dentine and inevitably, through to the live part of your tooth. Decay is entirely preventable with a good diet,  a great oral health regime and regular visits to your dentist.

Avoiding Decay

Attend regular check-ups

Generally speaking, if you attend your dental check-up as you are advised decay will not progress to the point of pain. We are able to keep a close eye on any developing decay and gum disease which are the main causes of painful dental emergencies.

Oral health regime

Keeping your teeth clean will all but eliminate the risk factors that cause dental diseases. Visiting the dental hygienist will remove the built-up plaque and tartar that you’ve missed at home, to keep gum inflammation to a minimum and will prevent any gum disease from worsening. It also gives us an additional opportunity to monitor the health of your teeth and catch anything that could lead to painful costly dental treatment before it does.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is a great, free way of increasing your bodies defence against enamel-destroying bacteria! Salivas role is to neutralise acids in your mouth that cause decay. When acid damages enamel, saliva repairs the tooth’s protective surface in a process called ‘remineralisation’. Remineralising your enamel well will protect you from developing dental decay and therefore dental pain.

Reduce sugar intake

Reducing the number of times your teeth are ‘attacked’ by the acids in foods will significantly reduce your risk of decay.  Also, limiting the number of sugary foods in your diet will prevent painful, expensive dental decay.

Learn habits early

Understanding and education in what causes dental decay in the first place is a free way to prevent a lifetime of expensive dental treatments. Teaching your kids the importance of routine appointments and great oral health regimes will, in turn, reduce their risk of dental pain.

If you are experiencing dental pain then contact us immediately. We will always endeavour to see dental emergency patients on the same day.

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